Earin M1 超迷你無線藍牙耳機 香港行貨
  • Earin M1 超迷你無線藍牙耳機 香港行貨
  • Earin M1 超迷你無線藍牙耳機 香港行貨
  • Earin M1 超迷你無線藍牙耳機 香港行貨
  • Earin M1 超迷你無線藍牙耳機 香港行貨
  • Earin M1 超迷你無線藍牙耳機 香港行貨

Earin M1 超迷你無線藍牙耳機 香港行貨

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The definition of wireless.

No cables. No wires. No distractions. Not only have we removed the cables but we have made the earbuds as small and as light as possible to create the most immersive sound imaginable. Built with high-precision balanced armature speakers for incredible acoustic detail and clarity to deliver a breathtaking audio experience.

Earin® is the new definition for wireless audio.

Smaller, lighter and more wireless than anything else.

Sound matters.

Earin earbuds are built with two dedicated amps driving high-precision balanced armature speakers. The result is an incredibly detailed sound with excellent mid and high-tones, and a tight bass response all reproduced with minimal distortion. Combining our audio expertise with the most advanced wireless and battery technologies available makes Earin unique in wireless audio.

Everything is not necessary.

No cables, No microphones, No flashing lights. We have taken minimal to the maximum. To achieve this, every component has been designed and engineered to reduce its size and weight to the absolute minimum. We have focused on the necessary so you can focus on the music.

Store, charge and go.

The Earin capsule houses and charges your earbuds when not in use. Simply place the earbuds in the capsule to charge automatically, so they are ready to go when you are. The robust, minimal capsule is machined from a single block of aluminium and is designed to fit as easily into your lifestyle as your pocket.


• Speaker: Balanced Armature
• Frequency Range: 20-20 000 Hz
• Speaker Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL +- 2dB
• Speaker Impedance (DC): 25 Ohm

• AAC, aptX®, SBC

• Dimensions: Ø14.5mm x 20mm (0.57” x 0.78”)
• Weight: 3.5g (0.12 oz)
• Stereo play time: Up to 3 hours
• Mono play time: Up to 11 hours
• Battery: 60 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion
• Charging Time: 70 min
• Wireless: Bluetooth®3.0 and 4.0 compatible

• Dimensions: Ø21mm x 95mm (0.83” x 3.74”)
• Weight: 42g (1.48 oz)
• Battery: 600 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion
• Charge Time: 75 min
• Charged Capsule provides x3 Earbuds charges
• Standard Micro USB connection

Customize, tweak, and play.

Earbuds work with most handheld Bluetooth® compatible devices and we have created a dedicated Earin app to enable you to customize your Earin experience.

• Bass Boost — Enhance the low end frequencies.
• Balance — Control the volume between the left and right earbuds.
• Battery Levels — Monitor how much battery life you have in each earbud.
• Custom Name — Assign a unique name to your earbuds.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices.



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