WD WD7500BPKX 2.5" 750GB Hard Disk
  • WD WD7500BPKX 2.5" 750GB Hard Disk

WD WD7500BPKX 2.5" 750GB Hard Disk

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WD Black2 dual drive The ultimate notebook or single slot PC upgrade Two separate drives and one slot Designed for enthusiasts, creative pros, gamers and PC builders

Warranty Info

From local distributor. 7-day free replacement guarantee for manufacturer defective. Distributor offers 3-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

The WD Black2 dual drive is a revolutionary storage device that is specifically designed for enthusiasts, whether you are a creative pro, gamer or PC builder. WD Black2 is the fusion of a fully-accessible solid-state drive for your operating system and a generous capacity hard drive for personal data and large files.

The Power of Two

WD has redefined the PC with ultra-fast performance storage -- the WD Black2, the world's first 2.5-inch dual drive storage solution. You can have the speed of an SSD that you want and the capacity of a hard drive that you need in your notebook or all-in-one PC.

Inspired by You

Your requests to make the notebook and all-in-one PC experience better, faster and more dynamic have been heard. WD took the challenge and made it their mission to design a storage solution that delivers the ultimate experience. The WD Black2 dual drive solves your storage limitations and adds true high-performance SSD speed to your PC. The WD Black2 dual drive is the drive you were waiting for, inspired by and created specifically for enthusiasts like you.

Professional Performance

WD Black2 is built by fusing 2 world-class storage devices together into one dual drive to create the ultimate experience for notebooks and all-in-one PCs. Boot up faster to your operating system with the speed of SSD at your fingertips. WD Black2 features innovative 20nm NAND flash with remarkable power efficiency that is poised to redefine what is possible in the storage industry.


WD Black2 Shift_Technology is race-ready from the starting line with enhanced firmware and improved algorithms for fast performance and data management. Features include:
20nm architecture with quad channel NAND processing for increased speed and performance
WD customised controller built for increased efficiency of data management per cell resulting in less drag on your PC
Improved drive integrity with 8GB of space for provisioning to help protect and improve SSD reliability
WD Black2 Shift_Technology allows you to migrate larger data files to the hard drive and provides your SSD with less system drag, which increases the overall endurance and mileage of the SSD. With less caching involved, there's less time waiting and more time enjoying the things you love to do most.

Reduce SSD Wear and Tear

SSD performance can degrade when total capacities are reached or after a finite number of writes have been reached, which is a major concern for SSD users. WD built the dual drive solution to curb these problems. With WD Black2, you can move your larger data or write-intensive applications onto the 1TB hard drive, ultimately extending the life of the SSD and maintaining optimal performance across the dual drive.

For the Creative Pro

You can load your OS, photo and video editing programs on the SSD and save all of your capacity-heavy RAW photo and video files to the 1TB HDD. Keep it all local and readily available on your notebook or all-in-one PC without slowing system performance.


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