Dr.Bauer Eye Electrode for RF system

Warranty Info

Warranty not applied.

Product Description

Dr. Bauer Eye Enamelled Electrode's diameter only has 25mm, it specially suit for eye skin, it can smooth the fine line, eye bags that occur because aging problem. 

*It suits on Dr. Bauer Radio Frequency System & Dr. Bauer 360°Radio Frequency System (Face & Body). 
*It applies it on Dr. Bauer Radio Frequency System, we recommend you may start from Level「1」. And it only suits on Dr. Bauer 360°Radio Frequency System (Face & Body) face treatment. 

How To Use

1. Put the electric plug into socket.
2. Put the "Face" or "Body" electrode to the Handle.
3. Plug the jack for handle and plated bar or belt plate to the socket at back of the 360°Radio Frequency System (Face & Body).
4. Apply the RF Facial Cream or RF Body Firming Cream to the treatment area sufficiently. (Please keep hands dry and clean and without RF Cream before start the treatment)
5. Turn on the power switch.
6. Hold the plated bar tightly during face treatment process.

For Face Care:

Step 1: Turn on the power seitch, "0 minute" mode will be shown on the display screen. Press the "FACE" button first and then press the "START" button, the 15 minutes face treatment will be started with the Level 1 indicator.
Step 2: After finished the face treatment, the system will be automatically turned off with the alarm sound. Finally, press the "OFF" button and use cotton pad with pure water or alcohol to clean the enamelled electrode.

**Reminder: Total treatment (Face & Body) should last no more than 60 minutes in daily 24 hours. Next treatment should start after 24 hours.