MTG SIXPAD Body Fit EMS 智能健肌儀
  • MTG SIXPAD Body Fit EMS 智能健肌儀

MTG SIXPAD Body Fit EMS 智能健肌儀

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減肥練肌 SO EASY


There are no limits to what you can achieve. Body revolution is all about unlocking your physical potential.MTG SIXPAD Body Fit EMS is the wearable training gear for a stronger,more beautiful body.




Add SIXPAD training to your daily routine.

Exercise while reading or doing household chores, or even during business or leisure trips.
What’s more, SIXPAD can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes, making it ideal for workouts while you’re on the job or on the move.
All you have to do is fit SIXPAD to your body and let it exercise your muscles to help you achieve an even more beautiful physique.

What is EMS?

Generally, muscles act in response to signals from the brain. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a technology that uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles.

Core technology 

MTG has succeeded in designing a product that features a newly developed, proprietary waveform,combined with the optimum 20Hz frequency extrapolated from the world’s most advanced EMS theory. Merging this with the training theory of the world's top football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, led to the birth of SIXPAD's "CMM Pulse" core technology. This "CMM Pulse" technology represents a revolutionary advance in EMS equipment.

Automatically cycles from warm-up to cool-down.

The program progressively increases exercise intensity in stages as time elapses, and automatically stops when the program is completed.

The 23-minute training program to tone and firm the muscles.

Warm-up                                                                                   Conditioning                                                                                           Cool down
Training 1: Training via alternating stimulation and rest, like an approach run.
Training 2: Two waveforms are combined for efficient training.
Training 3: The timing of the combined waveform is varied and the intensity of exercise is increased.
Training 4: Muscle contraction increased to the maximum for high intensity training.

Easy to attach and ready to operate at a single touch, comfortable and cordless EMS training.

Soft Silicone
Soft and thin enough to fit the contours of the body like a second layer of skin.

Employs thin, highly durable silk printing. Effectively delivers electricity to the gel sheets.

Highly Conductive Gel Sheets
Non-stick, highly adhesive gel sheets. Uniformly distributes electricity over the attached area of the body.

Control (Power/Level Adjustment)
Sensation level adjustment function featuring 15 stages of adjustable strength.

Features of the highly conductive gel sheets

Uniformly delivers electricity to the body.

Low Potential for Skin Irritation

Hardly penetrates the keratin and inflicts virtually no skin damage when the pads are peeled off.


Excellent adhesiveness while attached and comfortably dry after removal.

Water Absorbency

Absorbs and evaporates sweat. Temperature maintenance property of the pads keeps skin dry.


Be sure to use genuine gel sheets. If non-genuine gel sheets are used even once, the warranty will no longer apply to the product. Please note that we shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any problems that result from using anything other than genuine gel sheets.


BODY REVOLUTION Version (60 seconds)

EMS REVOLUTION Version (30 seconds)

Interview about training 

Interview about SIXPAD


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