Panasonic Lumix 防水輕便相機 DMC-FT6 藍色
  • Panasonic Lumix 防水輕便相機 DMC-FT6 藍色

Panasonic Lumix 防水輕便相機 DMC-FT6 藍色

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Panasonic Lumix 防水輕便相機 MC-FT6




A Tough Partner by Your Side

Take out the camera to fishing or camping in the springtime, to dividing , snorkelling, surfing in the summer, or mountain climbing in Autumn and to skiing or snowboarding in winter-This model is an year-round active field player to record stunning memories in beautiful photo and video.


The GPS in the camera complies with GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to further enhance its detection accuracy for its increased number of satellites.

Beautiful Underwater Shots

The Red Colour Reproduction of Advance Underwater Mode compensates for the red Colorado which is easily lost in underwater shooting to look underwater picture more natural. Sports, Snow and Beach & Surf Mode can also be selected easily and quickly from the menu.

LEICA DC Lens with Folded Optics Technology

The ruggedly designed camera also features a high-quality LEICA DC Lens. The folded optics of shaft guide method is adopted to secure the toughness of lens unit. Passing the Leica's stringent standards, this lens delivers exceptional optical performance to edges. Plus, an anit-fog glass for lens cover prevents it from being fogged with steam.

Time Lapse Shot

Leave the camera to record of stationary observation for subjects such as flowers coming into bloom or scudding cloud. The series of consequent can be combined in a camera to produce lapse video.

Manual Exposure

You can set the aperture to control the depth of field, and adjust the shutter speed to freeze moving subjects or create a motion blur that exaggerate the feeling of movement


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