寶麗來 Polaroid Cube+ 運動攝影機 紅色 香港行貨
  • 寶麗來 Polaroid Cube+ 運動攝影機 紅色 香港行貨

寶麗來 Polaroid Cube+ 運動攝影機 紅色 香港行貨

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最低 HK$ 1096 *必須以現金付款/ATM轉帳/網上銀行轉帳
奬賞 1129 積分


  • 暫時缺貨,接受網上訂單。


  • 接受網上訂單, 一般於 6 個工作天內出貨。
  • 派送時間只適用於香港地區,海外送貨時效較長。


Now with Wi-Fi, the new Polaroid Cube+ lifestyle action camera makes sharing your favorite photos and videos even easier. Never miss a minute!




Polaroid CUBE 是一個最高支援1,080p@30fps 拍攝、124°廣角鏡、f2.0光圈、600萬像素鏡頭的 Action cam,其正方體的外觀,有如一粒稍稍變大了的骰子,機身橡膠質料製,手感舒服之餘也有一定保護作用。有別市面上其他action cam,此機以輕、細、平做賣點,定價比平民版 GoPro 還便宜。想簡單記錄自己的生活,亦是不錯的選擇!

Polaroid CUBE透過長按機頂掣來開關,開機後便可直接啟動快門拍攝,連按兩下則進入自動攝錄模式,電量足以拍攝最長達 90 分鐘的 1,080p 影片,唯一挑剔是拍照時會有短鳴示意完成,導致快門時滯較長,這一點比較可惜。此機色彩鮮艷,足可當潮物用,配搭頸繩可將相機當掛飾,長掛上身stand by拍攝,大大加強機動性。此機亦配件多多,均需另行購買。

WiFi on the fly

Stream your footage in real time with iOS and Android compatible WiFi capabilities.
Need a viewfinder? Your WiFi-enabled Polaroid CUBE+ can pair with any smart device for real-time view controls and shot framing right from your device screen.

What’s your resolution?

Most of life looks great in 720p but we all know there are moments that deserve nothing less than full 1440p. Select 1440p at 30 frames per second for stunning full HD playback. Either way, you control video file size and image quality with the flick of switch.

Go large

Let your friends and family see the total picture of your life. With its 124° wide angle lens, the Polaroid CUBE+ promises to deliver footage as large as your adventures. No one will doubt your glory again.

Go small

35 x 35 x 35mm size means you can go stealth. Easily hidden for wildlife capture, as well as lightweight enough to not stress your baggage allowance, the small frame is ready for every video and photo op minus fumbling or fuss.

In the black

…or the red, or the blue. Stand out from the crowd with an HD video camera in a variety of gorgeous colors and record your life’s escapades in a spectrum of style.

The water’s fine

A tough little rubberized frame makes your Polaroid CUBE+ weather resistant and splashproof. Need something more…immersive? Use the optional Waterproof Case and really go deep down, 33’ (10m) down to be exact.

We hear you

Great footage from your ski trip just isn’t the same without the sounds of whooshing. A built-in mic ensures that we hear the ecstasy of the carve and the agony of the face plant.


Image stabilization means you can be on the move without the shaky footage. Whether you use an optional mount to fly through space or take handheld shots, image stabilization keeps things crisp.

Be still

Our HD video camera was made knowing that sometimes you just want to capture the perfect shot. Shoot still images from your Polaroid CUBE+ in full 8 megapixel resolution.

Singular control

Turn it on (and off) and toggle between video and still to record and capture, all from one thumb-friendly button.

Mount up

Our family of mounts instantly convert your Polaroid CUBE+ into a ski cam, cycle cam, dog cam…all kinds of cams! Choose from Helmet Mount, Bicycle Mount and more. Our Waterproof Case + Suction Mount will easily affix to your surfboard and capture your ride for posterity.

An app for that

The Polaroid CUBE+ app makes it easy to sync up your camera with a smart device for enhanced features. Use it for access to a viewfinder, and even to connect multiple users to a single camera unit. Capture, edit, save, print and share your images all from the app.
Not afraid of the dark

Polaroid CUBE+ automatically adjusts to low-light conditions to produce better results when real-world lighting isn’t optimal. Go ahead, get that birthday cake shot!


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