Newa Lift Activator Gel RF 射頻專用霜 130ml
  • Newa Lift Activator Gel RF 射頻專用霜 130ml
  • Newa Lift Activator Gel RF 射頻專用霜 130ml

Newa Lift Activator Gel RF 射頻專用霜 130ml

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The Activator gel is formulated to work best with the Newa 3DEEP energy, performing a facial treatment without the Newa activator gel will decrease the efficiency of the treatment and may affect your safety.




Newa Activator Gel 

Newa™ Activator gel is specially formulated to activate the Newa facial treatment device. The Newa Activator gel comes with your Newa™ Skin Rejuvenation System face rejuvenation package for use with facial treatment. Using the Newa Activator gel will ensure that the facial treatment will be most effective for facial rejuvenation. The Newa™ Activator is the only gel or product that can or should be used with the Newa face treatment device. This Newa Activator is specifically formulated for use only with 3DEEP® energy based facial for an effective and safe treatments.


•  All Newa facial treatments should be performed using the Activator gel.
•  Make sure the device is plugged to an outlet and the protective cap is removed.
•  Apply the Activator Gel on to all 6 electrodes before each face rejuvenation cycle (4 minutes session). 2 stripes of Activator gel should be applied across the electrodes. The gel should cover the electrodes completely.
•  Take the device with the gel on it and apply it to the face area yon are about to treat.
•  Now you can begin your face lift treatment, start moving the device in a circular motion at the area you are treating until the device vibrates to let you know 4 minutes have passed.
•  Repeat on the next area and be on the way to a tighter, younger looking skin!


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