Ecovacs W730 Window Cleaning Robot
  • Ecovacs W730 Window Cleaning Robot

Ecovacs W730 Window Cleaning Robot

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WINBOT is the world’s leading family of window cleaning robots and the WINBOT W730 cleans framed and frameless glass windows, mirrors and doors and more.

Warranty Info

From local distributor. 7-day free replacement guarantee for manufacturer defective. Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

WINBOT is the world’s leading family of window cleaning robots and the WINBOT W730 cleans framed and frameless glass windows, mirrors and doors and more.


WINBOT is an award-winning line of robotics that is frequently recognized by leading industry organizations worldwide, for its patented technologies, innovations and designs.

Reach new heights

WINBOT removes the risk of cleaning tall or hard to reach windows. Simply place the WINBOT on the glass and press start on the robot or its remote control. WINBOT will automatically determine the size of the window, map the most efficient cleaning path, clean the window and return to where it began for easy removal.

Clean any thickness glass

WINBOT window cleaning robots are unique in that they can clean glass of any thickness, even Thermopane; others cannot.

Frame or frameless

WINBOT W730 is specifically designed to automatically clean the inside or outside of any sized framed or unframed glass windows, mirrors, doors or similar surfaces.

3 step operation

Operating WINBOT is as simple as one, two, three. Simply SPRAY the front cleaning pad with the WINBOT Professional Cleaning Solution provided, switch the power ON, place WINBOT on the glass and press START. WINBOT will then measure the glass, clean it and return to where it started and wait for you. Simple.

Path finder

WINBOT Pathfinder Technology automatically determines the size of the glass to be cleaned, calculates a custom-cleaning path for speed and efficiency, then cleans the glass and returns to where it began for convenient removal. Multiple sensors and onboard Pathfinder intelligence also enable WINBOT to navigate around obstacles such as window latches, door handles and more.

3 stage process

WINBOT triples the clean with its unique three-stage cleaning process: first, W730’s dampened front pad moistens, loosens and absorbs dirt for easy removal. Second, the squeegee wipes away any remaining waterborne dirt. Third, the rear dry Cleaning Pad wipes the window to a dry, spotless shine.

Serious about safety

Every WINBOT features redundant levels of safety protection. The WINBOT cupule has dual suction rings that form a double vacuum barrier that keeps the WINBOT on the window – if one were to fail the other would keep the robot on the glass until manually removed. A powerful onboard motor maintains a firm vacuum suction to the glass while still allowing the robot to move about and clean. An onboard back-up battery continues to power the motor in the event of AC power failure from the wall outlet. And, every WINBOT comes with a safety pod & tether that can be attached to the window and WINBOT.

Remote control

Included with each WINBOT is a uniquely paired RF remote control. This allows you to control and navigate the WINBOT from a distance – such as your favorite recliner.


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