Bioprogramming HairBeauron 4D Plus Straightener - US Version
  • Bioprogramming HairBeauron 4D Plus Straightener - US Version
  • Bioprogramming HairBeauron 4D Plus Straightener - US Version
  • Bioprogramming HairBeauron 4D Plus Straightener - US Version
  • Bioprogramming HairBeauron 4D Plus Straightener - US Version

Bioprogramming HairBeauron 4D Plus Straightener - US Version

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In addition to focusing on facial makeup, hair is also very important for girls! The Bioprogramming HairBeauron hair straightener can straighten hair at high temperature while keeping hair away from damage and become silky smooth.

Warranty Info

1-year Hong Kong local warranty service provided by Yoho.

Product Description


Bioprogramming HairBeauron 4D Plus

Compared with 2D Plus and 3D Plus, 4D Plus design is more fashionable.

Revolutionary technology leading the world

HairBeauron's straight hair clip adopts Lumielina's exclusive "Bioprogramming" technology, subverting the long-standing common sense of straight hair, keeping hair away from damage and becoming silky smooth. If you continue to use it, your hair will become moisturized and shine.

180 degree heat improves hair quality

Ordinary straight hair clips at a high temperature of 180 degrees will cause the protein to deteriorate. Sometimes it only takes tens of seconds to seriously damage the hair. HairBeauron's straight hair clip can protect the hair even if it touches the hair for a long time at a high temperature of 180 degrees.

30 seconds measured

When measured at a high temperature of 180 degrees, after 30 seconds, the hair is not only damaged, but also smooth.

Bioprogramming technology

It is equipped with special bio-ceramics, which protects hair protein when used, makes the structure of protein and crystal water more stable, restores cell vitality, and nourishes hair.
Girls with medium and long hair are very easy to use this straight hair clip. One clip and one pull, see the effect instantly! And the heat of 180 degrees can make the effect longer. (Note: Please select the appropriate temperature according to your hair quality, so as not to damage your hair)

You can have beautiful straight hair regardless of age

Whether you are young or 80, you can use this straight hair clip to create beautiful and shiny straight hair.

Enjoy straight hair without having to withstand high temperatures

Hair can be straightened even at low temperatures, and the effect can last all day. If it is difficult to straighten your hair at a low temperature of 120°F due to your hair type, or depending on how long your straight hair lasts, try the medium temperature range of 180~240°F. If you want to make very straight hair, set the temperature to 360°F.

Can also be used in Off-Mode

In the case of Off-Mode, simply slide the board of the device over the hair to add beautiful luster to the hair.

American standard plug

(Equires an adapter in Hong Kong use)


Power supply: AC 100 V to 240 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 48W±10%
Temperature: about 40°C to 180°C
Size: height 293 × width 29 × depth 85 mm (in use), height 310 × width 33 × depth 42 mm (stored when the lid is attached)
Weight: about 422.5 grams
Safety equipment: current fuse
Power cord length: 2.0 meters

Bioprogramming 4D Plus User Manual
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The hair stylist introduced that this brand will not hurt your hair, so I bought it and tried it. I have used GHD and amika before, and I will get hair injuries, but I temporarily use it for about a month. After I use it, my hair is almost shiny and easy to use. I hope to keep it.
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It heats quickly, the body is light, and it is easy to hold hands. The clamping surface is moderately large and thin, and it is quick and easy to straighten the hair and maintain the luster.
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Good packaging, super fast delivery, the price is about the same as I bought in Japan, and I have used 3D a lot, so let's get started!
Translated by
Elaine Poon
After receiving the real object, there is something different from what I imagined. The clamping edge is rough by hand. After heating, the shell is so hot that you can’t use Li to clamp the curve. The panel area is relatively thin, and the hair is more thick. The main line is not to hurt the hair, you must observe the prophet!
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Although there are some straight hair clips, they shouldn’t feel comfortable to use. After the clip is finished, it will keep a little bit more resistant, and the conversation will turn immediately. I'm pretty satisfied overall, and I haven't confirmed whether it will hurt my hair, but my hair is almost smooth and shiny after clipping.
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