German Pool CEX13 Water Heater (3-Phase Power Supply)
  • German Pool CEX13 Water Heater (3-Phase Power Supply)

German Pool CEX13 Water Heater (3-Phase Power Supply)

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德國寶 CEX13 即熱式電熱水器 三相電源 功率設定高達 10-14.5 千瓦,有2個獨立程序按鍵,用家能夠靈活設定溫度值、並使用雙溫度控制系統精確設定出水溫度。

Warranty Info

From local distributor. 7-day free replacement guarantee for manufacturer defective. Distributor offers 3-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description


100% Made in Germany

German Pool Instantaneous Water Heater is equipped with dynamic flow control technology. The power consumption is controlled in accordance with ambient temperature and flow rate up to the rated capacity in order to obtain precisely the set outlet temperature and to keep it constant.

Extra-Large LCD Screen

The multifunctional LCD screen clearly displays information such as water temperature. Concise and easy to read.


Installation Info

安裝服務由 German Pool 廠方提供,費用由廠方直接收取。

$580 包括 (明線) 3 呎 (三相 x 4),4 分白色包膠銅喉或網喉冷熱水共 4 呎。
註:如自來水壓力達 5Bar(72.5 磅)或以上,須額外加裝減壓器,否則保養失效。


1. 4分減壓掣$560
2. 超出電線每呎加收$20(三相 x 4)
3. 4 分白色包膠銅喉每呎加收$30
4. 4 分銅喉配件每個加收$30
5. 4 分三叉銅配件加收$100
6. 開石屎孔穿電線用(6吋厚牆)$80
7. 30A MCB 跳表$250(加裝原有表箱內)
8. 20A 明曲架掣$120,30A$320,30A三相$450
9. 由大電箱拉電 220V/3000W,10 呎電線連有燈開關掣 1 個$580
註:拆儲水式 10 卡侖或以下連搬走收$100;拆 10 卡侖以上師傅另行報價。