Rogeti Slopes GoPro Black Edition 香港行貨
  • Rogeti Slopes GoPro Black Edition 香港行貨

Rogeti Slopes GoPro Black Edition 香港行貨

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SLOPES Black is a multi-function instant stand for GoPro camera in its housing / 18 handy angles




SLOPES Black is a multi-function instant stand for GoPro camera in its housing. 18 handy angles and the plug n' play quick deployment make it a Must-Have GoPro accessory. Moreover, features like 3D shooting, 360° panorama shooting and LEGO attaching make your GoPro more versatile than ever before.


GoPro Hero5 Black
GoPro Hero4 Silver/Black
GoPro Hero3+ Silver/Black
GoPro Hero3 White/Silver/Black (in housing of hero3+/4)
GoPro Hero / GoPro Hero+ / GoPro Hero+LCD

18 Handy Shooting Angles!

SLOPES Black has an unique cradle that allows Gopro to be installed in 4 different ways, (portrait or landscape, forwards or backwards) and a 5-facets polyhedron bottom that provides five positioning angles. The cradle plus the bottom endows GoPro with 18 handy angles for shooting. For a super wide angle camera as GoPro, these 18 angles are enough to fulfill almost all your needs in different circumstances.

It can dock your GoPro in four orientations, settle at any of five angles, totals to 18 ways to point Your GoPro!

Ultra Slim

Ultra-slim body makes SLOPES Black portable and enables using in narrow spaces. It can free-stand on any flat surface, like footstep, windowsill, and closet top. From ground to ceiling, it helps achieve the ultimate possibilities, making the whole world your tripod.

Waterproof / Dustproof

Different from traditional tripod, SLOPES Black was made through one-step injection molding process, therefore it is natrually waterproof and dustproof. If it is soiled, just rinse with water to clean it up. Neither rain, nor dirt can stop you.

Joining with LEGO

There are some ribs at the bottom of the SLOPES Black. This design is not only strengthening the product, you can also having fun by joining SLOPES with LEGO bricks to extend its flexibilities, such as making a camera truck.

Multiple Angle Shots

Multiple angles shooting was usually affordable for professional filming crews in the past. Now, applying SLOPES Black to assist positioning of multiple angle shots only takes half minute to set up. Anyone who owns two or more GoPro cameras could do it easily. It dramatically increases the possibility in capturing nice shots, especially for unrepeatable scenes.


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